3-Minute Stretching Routine for Stronger, Healthier and More Durable Wrists

Anyone that has mastered the strict ring muscle up knows the importance of the grip strength. 

So, what makes for a strong grip? For starters, healthy wrists with all their functioning range of motion! Keep reading as I show you my daily wrist stretching and strengthening routine which will keep your wrists healthy and strong for many years to come.

Whether you're after a strict ring muscle up, a free standing handstand or a stronger handshake, do this 3-minute routine before your workout and you'll be well on your way to stronger, healthier and more durable wrists.

Let's begin...

First, assume the position

Assume a position on your hands and knees with your shoulders over the top of your hands. Ensure your fingers are spread as widely as possible. Elbows should be kept as straight as possible the entire time. It is best to do this on a semi-hard surface so you can do better stretching on the hands.

4-position walking

The first thing you'll do is gently walk your hands through fingers forward, inside, outside and backwards positions. You should be attempting to peel from the heel towards the fingertips as you transition though each position. Hit each direction 4-5 times.

Elbow rotations

With fingers facing forward, gently rotate your elbows in an alternating clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Try to minimize bending the elbows and feel the stretching up the wrists when you do it. Get about 4-5 rotations in each direction.

Forward, backward and side to side rocks

With your fingers to the outside, rock your body from front to back applying as much bodyweight (though the shoulders) as you can handle. Then, rotate your fingers forward and rock your body from side to side. Again, do 4-5 reps in each direction spending as little or as much time as you want in each range.

Finger peeling

With your fingers facing backwards, peel one hand from the ground beginning at the heel and work towards the fingers. Think of touching your elbows to your thighs. You're really trying to get into the digits and separate the muscles on the bottom of your palms. Do 4-5 reps on each side. This is my favorite for "ungluing" sticky hands!

Wrist extensions

In the complete opposite fashion than all of the above, flip onto the back of your hands with fists touching together in front of you. Press from a position where the elbows are on the ground to a locked out arm position (or as near as you can get to locked out elbows). This actually makes a lot of sense to do if you are working toward a strict muscle up because this one will improve your ability to hold a false grip. You should feel the stretch on the top of your wrists and forearms - great stretch here! Do about 4-5 reps slowly.

Final Notes

Each exercise only requires 4-5 reps done in a slow and controlled manner and should be done 4-5 times weekly for best results. Within several weeks of doing this protocol, you will notice stronger, more durable wrists and hands.

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