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False Grips Training Drills
Ring training offers additional benefits that pull-ups, push-ups and dips on bars cannot offer - instability. The mere fact of having to stabilize your body on the rings instantly engages more muscles in the shoulders, forearms and core. You will often find yourself doing half as many reps on the rings as you did on the bar because of the increased effort to do each repetition.

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4-Week Strict Muscle Up Program
Our 4-week strict muscle up program consists of three training days per week. Training days are preferably spaced apart to have at least one day of rest between. This program can be repeated consecutively with a week of rest between until you complete your muscle up. However, many have found themselves getting their muscle ups in the first couple of weeks!

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Private Facebook Training Group
We encourage you to join our private False Grips Training Group on Facebook. The group is a place where you can post questions, get movement analysis and find extra support from our online community.

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