False Grips Affiliate 4-Pack

Regular price $195.00

Show your athletes your commitment to their safety and progress by getting a 4-pack of False Grips for your gym. False Grips make muscle up drills much more comfortable and eliminate tearing your wrists. They work great for standard and band-assisted ring dips as well as muscle up drills.

Affiliate pack includes:

  • 4 pairs of False Grips (fit on standard 1.1" to 1.25" gymnastic rings)
  • 2 gallon bucket with False Grips logo on side for classroom storage
  • 8"x11" laminated drills poster to hang on the wall at your box
  • 4-Week Muscle Up program PDF to share with athletes

False Grips are designed to be used with strict pushing and pulling gymnastics movements. Swinging or kipping while using False Grips on rings is NOT advised. Serious injury or death could occur.