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What makes False Grips different from the other products on the market?
False Grips are much more affordable than other products on the market. The convenience of being able to quickly snap them on and off standard rings makes them universal. They can be easily instructed in WODs with drills from beginner to advanced.

Do you provide any guarantees for False Grips?
There is a lifetime guarantee against cracking, bending or breaking resulting from proper usage.

How long do you anticipate until I get my first muscle up?
We’ve had athletes with strict dips and pull-ups get their muscle up the very first time they use False Grips. Typical results will likely be in a time frame of 4-6 weeks if you are consistently doing the provided drills. 

There are a lot of instructional videos out there. Why purchase this product instead?
Indeed, there are a lot of great instructional videos out there. However, one thing remains constant in doing the strict muscle up - you need to have a strong false grip! Whether you use our drills, or the others you can find online, False Grips will improve your ability to maintain a proper false grip, reduce the risk of torn skin during training and allow you to more effectively do your muscle up drills.

How exactly do False Grips work?
Watch this video to see False Grips in action. Simply place False Grips onto a set of rings at the desired height - low rings for drills and high rings for full movement practice. Place your hands into a false grip and begin drilling. As you are working your drills, not only are you learning the correct movement required for an unassisted muscle up, but you are gaining strength in the areas that will allow you to do your 1st or 10th muscle up.

What level do I need to be at in order to use False Grips?
There is no minimum recommendation before using False Grips. Simply begin with the first series of drills provided and progress your way toward the muscle up.

What if I have small hands?
False Grips are designed for all sizes of hands. If gripped correctly, the size of your hands shouldn’t matter as the intent of False Grips is to maintain the 90-degree wrist angle of the false grip. Make sure your wrist is sitting on top of the platform when you use False Grips.

Will I be able to transition off False Grips to normal rings?
Our product strengthens athletes’ grip muscles for regular rings, wall edges and bars. False Grips is not a crutch, but a strength tool.

Do they work for kipping muscle ups?
False Grips are NOT meant for kipping. Kipping while using False Grips may result in the False Grips slipping off the rings and could lead to serious injury!

Do they fit on plastic rings?
Our product fits standard size rings, plastic rings and rings with a smaller diameter than standard.

How do you grip False Grips?
Your wrist will sit atop the comfortable platform while you bend your wrist at a 90-degree angle. Most athletes find it easiest to grip correctly when starting at the top of a dip position and lower themselves down below the rings.

Will they damage bands?
No, they will not damage bands.

What if I already have a kipping muscle up?
The “end” goal with False Grips and our four-week muscle up program is to link 5 strict muscle ups. Everyone can benefit from more grip strength.

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