False Grips

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Built with comfort and stability in mind, this extremely durable product is convenient enough to travel in a gym bag. You’ll find it is simple and effective with assisting you in developing your muscle up.

• Ability to quickly snap on and off without removing the rings.
• Can be used on the rings to improve the grip and comfort for dips, push-ups, ring rows, false grip pull-ups, and muscle up transitions.
• Ideal tool for beginner and intermediate level athletes to develop false grip strength.
• Includes drill sheet and muscle up program.

False Grips are designed to be used with strict pushing and pulling gymnastics movements. Swinging or kipping while using False Grips on rings is NOT advised. Serious injury or death could occur.

Accessories are sold separately including rings, straps and bands.

False Grips fit on all standard 1.1" to 1.25" diameter wood, plastic, or metal gymnastic rings.

Product Construction:
• Made in the USA
• Heavy duty durable rubber
• Balanced comfort grip
• Lifetime guarantee against cracking, breaking and bending with normal use