More Than Just Muscle Ups

Gymnastic rings and False Grips can be used for so much more than just training for your muscle up.

I wanted to share this video for a couple of reasons.

First, I wanted to show how you can (and should) use rings for more than just training for your muscle up. There are so many iterations of holds, dips, push-ups, ring rows, and pull-ups that you can do on rings. These exercises can be completed with and without bands which will benefit your overall strength as well as keep your workouts fresh and exciting. I certainly don't show them all in this video, but I do give you a good idea of a handful of movements outside of ring dips, false grip holds, and push-ups that you can do on the rings.

There is a little backstory here and that is that I am now 38 years old, have dealt with a handful of minor injuries that have taught me to slow things down, and due to various reasons (e.g., kids, other interests, been there/done that, etc.) have given up my interest in pursuing competitive levels of fitness. So, I am happy to get a full body workout 4-5 days a week that leaves me feeling good and feels like it is keeping me strong for life. I've found these workouts, while they are a little dialed down on intensity, have been allowing me to feel much healthier and stronger throughout the day than when I've just hammered your traditional "for time" and "for load" sort of workouts. I'm not knocking those types of workouts per se, but I would like to show the value of some "obscurity" in your training - hitting the odds and ends, exploring, and leaving the gym feeling good. 

Moral of the story, get out and explore people! Don't just think that you are stuck with ring dips, push-ups, and false grip holds. Practice holds, transitions, use bands, and try every variation of movement in as many different combos that you can think of. Routine is the enemy. Sound familiar?