Preparing for 18.3 Muscle Ups!

Bunches of muscle ups

Finally, we get to play on the rings. I'm hoping that False Grips users have been doing their homework and will get to see their hard work pay off.

I wanted to share a little warm up routine that you might use with your False Grips before attacking 18.3.

Remember, False Grips will need to be taken off for the workout and they are NOT to be used with kipping while on the rings!

A. General warm up

- 5 minutes of your choice of rowing, bike or an easy jog
- 5 minutes of hips, glutes, shoulder, lat and chest stretches

B. Specific warm up

2-3 rounds of:
30 seconds of jump rope singles
5 PVC dislocates
5 Kip swings (bar or ring)
5 Ring rows


2-3 rounds of:
30 seconds of jump rope double unders
10 PVC or light bar OHS
2-3 Kipping pullups
3-4 Low ring toe-assisted transitions with dip (use False Grips here)


2-3 rounds of:
3-4 Overhead squats, building to workout weight
3-4 Alternating DB snatch, building to workout weight
1-2 Kipping ring/bar muscle ups (alternate)

The reality is that this is a DOUBLE UNDER workout! Yes, there are some muscle ups in there, but most people are going to find this very taxing because of the large amount of double unders.

Stay focused! If you are still waiting for the Muscle Up Fairy to grant you your first muscle up, this might be your chance. As long as you stay focused on your workout and remember your drills, you have plenty of time in this workout to get over those rings.

Good luck!


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