Upcoming January & February Clinics

It's that time of year, the Open is only 8 weeks away! Working on your metabolic conditioning while dialing in your gymnastics skill set are key leading up to the Open. In the past, we have seen gymnastics movements such as toes to bar, chest to bar pull-ups and... muscle ups! The past two years in the Open have included bar muscle ups, whereas the previous Opens have included ring muscle ups. Either way, if you don't have either bar or ring muscle ups - your opportunity is around the corner! The False Grips team will be offering numerous clinics in Colorado these next coming months to help you prepare for the 2018 Open!

To sign up for one of our clinics below, click here.

CrossFit Beaver Menace, Saturday, Jan 13th 11-1pm 
Anchor CrossFit, Saturday, Jan 20th 11-1pm
KJ CrossFit, Saturday, Jan 27th 10-12pm
Yeti Cave CrossFit, Saturday, Feb 3rd 10-12pm 
CrossFit Profectus, Sunday, Feb 11th 10-12pm

Interested in hosting a clinic at your gym? Email patrick@falsegrips.com for more information. 
Hope to see you at one of our clinics! Happy training!