What Are The Benefits of False Grips?

Curious what all the fuss is about? False Grips simplifies training and drilling for your muscle up. Use False Grips to get your strict muscle up first, then take that strength and get kipping muscle ups!


False Grips were designed to help athletes develop strength in the false grip technique while allowing them to drill without tearing their hands. 

Benefit #1 - Wider platform is more comfortable and provides more stability

The wider platform area on False Grips distributes the load across more of the hand and increases the comfort and stability of holding the false grip. The increased surface area also reduces the "hot spot" on the wrist and you won’t tear your wrist skin! 

Benefit #2 - More muscle activation

I like to use the example of having a thumbtack underneath your hand while pulling on the rings and the coach saying, "Pull hard!" You're not likely to pull very hard if the pain increases the harder you pull, would you? While a thumbtack under the hand is an extreme example, it demonstrates the fact that even if the grip is slightly uncomfortable or feels like it is slipping, you are not as likely to be engaging the muscles as well as you could be if it were comfortable and stable.

Better, more comfortable grip = more muscle activation and a stronger pull! 

Benefit #3 - More confidence in your training

The net effect of a more comfortable grip, no skin tearing and more muscle activation during your drills is that you get more out of your training - including confidence! False Grips is a "tool" that will help keep you engaged in your training, which leads to better results than you would see otherwise.

“I like torn wrist skin.” - Nobody 

Benefit #4 - Great in group workouts!

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had at our box is finding a way to improve the way the dip and muscle up are done in group workouts. Specifically, how athletes without those two movements can do appropriate modifications so they can 1) build the muscles and movement patterns safely, and 2) still feel like they are included in the class workout by doing very similar movements and rep schemes.

Ready to get started? Our False Grips Muscle Up Program is a great resource for developing the grip (and everything else) to help you get your first muscle up. What are you waiting for? Get your False Grips and start working toward your strict muscle up today!