Pro Tip: Why You Should Use A False Grip For Strict Muscle Ups

Use a false grip while doing strict muscle ups in order to get more leverage and a smoother transition.

The advantages of the false grip

1. More leverage

By placing the heels of your hands on the rings as close to your wrists as possible, you are reducing the distance between your body and the rings, which will give you more leverage to pull yourself over them.

Leverage = usable strength

Try this: Hold a 45 lb. plate out in front of you with straight arms. How long can you hold it there? Now, try holding it next to your chest with bent arms. How long now? I'm guessing you can hold it longer and easier when it's close to your chest. This concept is the same with your grip (only on a smaller scale), but in this case, YOU are the weight and the closer you can have your center of mass to the top of the rings, the easier it will be to manipulate.

2. No need to move hands

When going from below the rings to above the rings, the false grip allows us to have our hands already in place and not have to move our grip. This is a HUGE deal in the strict muscle up because we are always going to be under full load during a strict muscle up. Moving your hand from a position below the rings to above will be incredibly difficult with a full load on your hands.


You're going to have to master the false grip technique if you're going to get your strict muscle up. There's no better time than now and no better place than here. Check out our 4-week Strict Muscle Up Guide here. Using False Grips can save you time and effort in getting strong on the rings. Good luck!