June and July False Grips Muscle Up Clinic Schedule

Hello everyone,

We are finishing up a busy week here after Memorial Day. We did manage to get a few very important things done this week. First, we shot and uploaded our drill explanation videos onto our YouTube channel. Please check them out! Next, we scheduled a handful of muscle up clinics here in Colorado. I have those dates posted below as well as WHAT A PAT BURKE MUSCLE UP CLINIC LOOKS LIKE.

Again, check out our Drill Explanation videos...Here are the quick links:

Grip explanation video

Pull explanation video

Push explanation video

Transition explanation video

And, we already have a few CrossFit boxes that have been kind enough to host us for a muscle up clinic here in July...I will post those locations/dates shortly! In case you'd like a clinic at your box, here's what you can expect:

Pat Burke Muscle up Clinic
Description: This 2-hour clinic will cover the most sought after gymnastics movement in all of CrossFit - the MUSCLE UP! Six-time CrossFit Games athlete, Pat Burke will cover proper shoulder mobility and pulling preparation, as well as instruction on the false grip, pull, dip, and transition drills that are most effective for getting your first muscle up. Most importantly, we will be stressing the importance of doing the strict muscle up before advancing to the kipping method, and, we will be giving attendees the tools for doing so.
Cost: $25
- In the clinic, we will be using our patent-pending False Grips to instruct portions including the false grip maneuver required in the strict muscle up. The False Grips have been highly successful with students in reducing discomfort with the false grip and allowing them to feel the mechanics of the movement. False Grips are available for a clinic special rate of $55 afterward ($10 off). 
- In this clinic we are covering the strict muscle up. It is encouraged that students have 1-2 strict pull-ups, or are very close. 
- Students will be given our 4-Week Muscle up Training Program.
For questions or to schedule a clinic at your box, contact me at patrick@falsegrips.com.