Are you still on the muscle up struggle bus?

Get off the struggle bus by using False Grips and our easy-to-follow muscle up program.

That awkward feeling

It wasn’t long ago that I was trying to get my muscle up and just kept hitting a wall. I remember the awkward feeling I had as I was trying to pull my body over the rings and it just wouldn’t go. It’s a similar feeling to trying to wiggle your ears - you know there’s a muscle somewhere that’s responsible for doing it, yet you don’t know how to use it, so you just end up squeezing all the muscles in your face like a weirdo. Do you know that feeling? 

Torn wrist skin

Once I figured out that I needed to hold a false grip in order to transition over the rings, I found myself tearing the crap out of my wrists while doing all the drills I found on YouTube. After weeks, if not months of drilling and tearing, I got my first one and what an amazing feeling it was to have finally conquered the rings! 

Train better with False Grips

Let's fast forward 10 years. After having competed at the CrossFit Games multiple years and coached hundreds of athletes in the muscle up, I believe there is a better way to getting your muscle up, and that is with False Grips.

False Grips offer the following benefits

  1. Wider platform is more comfortable and provides more stability while doing false grip drills.
  2. Improved grip increases the engagement of your chest, shoulders and arm muscles leading to improved strength.
  3. Easy to use band attachment allows you to use assistance bands and do your drills with the correct form and confidence.
  4. Simplified drills allow you to do muscle up drills in group class workouts. 

Ready to make your weakness a strength?

Get started by purchasing your False Grips and following our Muscle Up Program. You will not be disappointed and you too can soon be doing muscle ups on tractors!