Pointed Toes: More Than Just Finesse

While many think the toe point is just for looking super cool and gymnasty - it goes beyond looks.

One of the many purposes of the toe point is to activate your spatial awareness. Spatial awareness is a helpful practice that gymnasts master so they know where their body is positioned at all times in order to control their movement.

It’s easy for your brain to assume where your feet are when you’re upside down until you manually try to cue the toe point. It in essence gives your brain an “aha” moment after you found something you lost. You might need to develop a better sense of spatial awareness if you find your feet crashing into the wall and making a loud sound every time you kick up to handstand against the wall.

Simply learning where your feet are in a handstand is the first step of mastering your spatial awareness. Without spatial awareness, how can you apply any cues a coach gives you? How could you “engage your core more” in a muscle up if you lose sense of where your core is the second you grab the rings?

Through spatial awareness, we have the control panel to activate muscle groups for specific gymnastics movements.