Are You Making The Same Mistake I Was In Getting Your First Muscle Up?

Avoid the difficulty and frustration of getting your muscle up by following False Grips' straightforward approach to building strength in the strict muscle up first.



My mistake?? Waiting so long to come up with False Grips!

The idea for False Grips happened at our box in early 2016 as I was spotting one of our athletes performing the kipping ring muscle up. I was in the same boat I had been in so many times before - standing there with puckered butt cheeks every time the athlete attempted to kip their body over the rings, and the athlete getting more frustrated after each MISSED attempt. I knew there had to be a better (and safer) way! 

Truth #1 - I believe athletes should build the strength of the strict muscle up before kipping.

It actually makes a lot of sense. The strict muscle up requires the athlete to demonstrate the appropriate strength and stability on the rings by pulling their body over them without the assistance of a kip. In a way, they are "earning" their right to be on the rings. This is very different in a kipping muscle up, where an athlete without the necessary strength or stability to be on the rings, could potentially get on top of the rings, but they are placing themselves at a much higher risk of failing and injuring themselves. Also, my experience has shown me that athletes that develop the strength to do a strict ring muscle up first can quickly progress to kipping muscle ups and have a stronger and more consistent muscle up than those that learned the kipping first. 

Truth #s 2-4 - The strict muscle up has its drawbacks.

  1. The strict muscle up requires a false grip technique, which is often uncomfortable and difficult to maintain for beginners.
  2. It tends to tear up your wrist skin if you’re doing a lot of drills, which is what beginners will be doing in order to achieve their muscle up.
  3. The strict muscle up requires a significant amount of upper body strength, which many athletes don’t have immediately, so they need to use modified movements or scale with bands, static holds, negatives or feet assistance while they build strength. 

The solution - False Grips

After a year of testing different designs and prototypes, we created False Grips, which are molded grips that easily fit over standard-sized wood, plastic or metal gymnastics rings and provide a platform for your hands.

  • The platform improves the grip and feel while using the false grip technique.
  • Improved comfort that reduces torn wrist skin.
  • Grooved undercuts allow bands to be easily connected to the rings for assistance in building strength in dips and muscle up drills.

Join our growing number of testimonials by getting your pair of False Grips today! You will get our patent-pending False Grips along with our easy-to-follow Muscle Up Program and support in our False Grips Community.