The False Grips team was at Girls Gone Rx Denver this past weekend and it was nothing short of a blast! We had so many of you stop by and ask questions as well as participate in the "As-Slow-As-Possible Muscle Up Challenge"! To top it off, our False Grips team had a great time competing. 

We had a lot of people stop by our False Grips booth who said they have seen our product on Instagram or Facebook, but have never seen them in-person. If you haven't seen the grips yet, we will sponsoring the MBS Turkey Challenge 2017 in Broomfield, Colorado. More details on the event will follow as the event nears.

Our "As-Slow-As-Possible Muscle Up Challenge" was a huge hit last weekend. This is where we challenge the spectators and athletes to do a strict muscle up hanging from the low rings as slowly as you can possibly go. Starting from below the rings as soon as your feet leave the ground and your arms start to pull and ending back down in the same position below the rings. The top time for males was 1 minute and 38 seconds and the time to beat for females was 47 seconds. 

Lastly, we will be extending the discount code for this event for another week. Use code "GGRX" for 20% off your cart at checkout until September 30th!