The next big endeavor for the False Grips team is here! Allow us to introduce to you the “False Grips Muscle Up Journey”.

Here’s how it works:

The False Grips team will select one athlete, who wants to get his or her first strict muscle up, to document their journey over one month. In that month, the athlete and our team’s goal is to allow you to follow along with one athlete's journey to his or her first muscle up.

Who? One athlete who wants to achieve his or her first strict ring muscle up. All skill levels welcomed, but you have to be working towards your first strict muscle up.

What? A one month documented journey of the athlete’s progress.

When? One month immediately upon choosing the athlete.

Where? Your local box or wherever you have a set of gymnastics rings and a pair of False Grips.

Why? We want to inspire others who do not yet have a strict muscle up by showcasing the work someone else put forth into his or her own progress. Secondly, we want to help one of you achieve your first muscle up!

How to enter: Tell us your story and submit your information for a chance to win the contest! We will announce the winner on November 28, 2017.